Stay Cool with Windows That Keep the Heat Out

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Shreveport is known for many things, one of them being mild winters with some seriously hot summers. Like most residents of the area, you probably love hot weather and are looking forward to it, but tend to enjoy the hot weather a little more outside rather than in. Keeping the inside of your house at a comfortable temperature is critical for sleeping well, cooling down after hanging around outside and especially for your overall health. It can be dangerous if the inside of your house gets too hot, but like most people, you probably are concerned about racking up high... View Article

A Before & After of our Recent Window Replacement Job in Keithville!

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We just finished replacing the windows for the home of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan in Keithville!  They look really good, but don’t take our word for it!  See the before and after below! They loved the final product so much, Mr. Morgan had to call and let us know!  And we appreciate it!  Join the Morgan’s and call us today to make a difference you can SEE!  Feel free to visit our Facebook to see more photos, deals, and news!

The True Value of Windows

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One of the easiest home improvement projects to put off is new home window installation in Shreveport, LA. While people jump at the opportunity to redo a kitchen, update a bathroom or put a new roof on a house, it seems like getting new windows is always put on the back burner. People who know the value of new windows often wonder how this can be. Most likely, the answer is that for a lot of people, they don’t fully realize the true value of windows. It seems like an expensive investment—count all the windows in your house—seems pretty expensive,... View Article