How to Better Insulate your Windows During the Harsh Winter Weather

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If you’re a homeowner that starts to see their energy bill spike during the winter months, you likely realize that your windows are part of the problem. Windows that are old, worn out or improperly protected against the harsh winter cold can serve to be a prime area for energy transference and it’s hard to stop this problem once it becomes large enough to affect your home.

Luckily, there are a few ways to protect your windows when the temperatures start to fall and if you take the time to inspect and service them, you could prevent some of the major spikes in energy cost that come about when your HVAC system has to work double time to keep up. Take a look at a few different tips you can employ to take advantage of properly insulated windows in Shreveport, LA:

  • Use plastic wrap on your windows to add another barrier against heat loss. Plastic wrap might not look like much, but it proves to be yet another obstacle for escaping heat that can actually lessen the amount of transference that you’re faced with.
  • Use caulk or plaster to seal up any open airways or cracks around the frame of a window. These cracks could represent a huge source of unrestricted airflow that can serve to quickly lessen the temperatures of surrounding areas.
  • Cellular shades are another great way to insulate your windows without actually tampering with the windows themselves. Because cellular shades are adept at blocking temperature exchanges, as well as drafts, they can quickly be employed to help control your home’s forced air.
  • If your windows are really getting on in years and are drafty even when closed, a draft snake can quickly put an end to that. Draft snakes are long tubes of compressed fabrics that can quickly be placed to cover gaps in window closings to prevent cooler air from sneaking through.

Do my windows need insulation?

If you’re not sure about how well your windows are able to hold up to the wintertime temperatures, there are a few easy ways to check. Take a look at how you can tell if you’re situated behind insulated windows in Shreveport, LA or if you need some handiwork to make it through the season comfortably:

  • Check the temperature around windows versus the temperature in the center of the room. If there is more than a few degrees difference, insulate your windows.
  • Run your hand along the frame of a window to feel for any drafts or cold pockets. If you feel any, insulate your windows.
  • Listed for any whistling or blowing near your windows and if you hear any, see if you can pinpoint where they’re coming from. When you find them, insulate your windows.
  • Check for any cracks in the glass—if you see any, you’re absolutely going to need to insulate your windows to protect them.

Your windows may not be in the best shape to deal with winter, but even if you don’t have the money to replace them right away, you can still insulate them against the cold!

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