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Commonly Asked Questions About Low-E Argon Gas Windows in Shreveport, LA

December 15, 2014 5:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

New home or business windows might not seem like the most technical subject when it comes to discussing the ins and outs of how windows work—after all, it’s just a couple of panes of glass, isn’t it? Well, for the most part this is correct, however scientific advances in window technologies have made a few leaps and bounds that might be hard for the average home or business owner to follow, including the advent of low-E argon gas windows in Shreveport, LA. No, these aren’t some futuristic type of windows that can be controlled via your voice or touch—they’re simply... View Article

Energy Efficient Windows in Shreveport, LA Lessen the Strain on HVAC

September 1, 2014 10:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Smart consumers are always looking for ways to save money. Interestingly though, the same people who are careful to always clip coupons before a trip to the store, occasionally don’t realize the savings that can be achieved by making simple home upgrades. Large home projects are often expensive. In some cases they are done out of absolute necessity—like a roof that won’t last another week—but other times because they pay off in some kind of longer-term reward. It’s a well-known fact that upgrading a bathroom or kitchen can pay off by increasing a home’s value. Landscaping benefits an entire neighborhood... View Article

How Energy Efficient Windows in Shreveport, LA Keep Your Utility Bills Lower

July 1, 2014 4:50 am Published by Leave your thoughts

During the hot summer months of Louisiana or in the depths of winter, sometimes it feels like there is nothing you can do to control your energy bill. You turn your heat or AC off while you’re out of the house and you run it on low when you’re home and still your utilities cost a fortune! However, you might be missing an obvious culprit that is responsible for these hefty bills: your windows. In many homes—especially older homes—the windows are poorly constructed and do little to protect your home against the outdoor elements. These windows let the outdoor temperature... View Article