Why You Should Choose a BBB-Accredited Window Company in Shreveport, LA

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Chances are, you have heard of the Better Business Bureau, but many of you may not know exactly what it does or what the term “BBB accredited business” means. Especially before shopping around for a window company in Shreveport, LA, it can be a good idea to brush up on the important factors that make for a great company. Granted, many of us may make a decision like hiring a contractor based on the lowest price, or simply on some reviews we read online, but for a job as costly and difficult as home window replacement, it is important to get an honest and professional assessment of whether a company does quality business or not. Choosing a BBB-accredited window company is a great way to ensure you will get quality service at a competitive rate. Here is why.

Understanding BBB accreditation

Companies that want to become accredited have to commit in writing to strict BBB standards. The business pledges to advertise honestly, follow through on commitments and address disputes in a good-faith manner. The company will also ensure the protection of the privacy of its customers. Most importantly, the company should have a track record of building trust and holding all necessary licensing and bonding requirements in their community.

If a BBB-accredited business stops meeting these standards, they lose their accreditation and are no longer able to affiliate with the BBB. A revocation has to be reviewed and voted on by the Board of Directors which is composed of leading business owners and executives. Anyone can look up a BBB business review on any window company in Shreveport, LA to ensure they have no major complaints filed against them.

Businesses that belong to the BBB have pledged to uphold its stringent standards to ensure happy customers, and are rated based on their success in following through on that pledge. A company’s rating can range from A+ to F and represents the BBB’s degree of confidence that a business operates in a trustworthy manner. Ratings are based on 16 factors including how long the business has been in operation, as well as its complaint record and how they have responded. BBB accredited businesses must maintain at least a B rating, so if you see an F, you are guaranteed the company is not a BBB accredited business.

Even good businesses sometimes get complaints from their customers. When a consumer files a complaint with the BBB, the organization will work with the consumer and the business to try and resolve it. In fact, accreditation is dependent upon whether a company is honest in their advertising and with customers, whether they are transparent in their business practices, if they are responsive to the BBB when dealing with complaints and if, overall, they hold a high level of integrity with their business.

When shopping for a window company in Shreveport, LA, it may be tempting to go with a company that offers the lowest possible rate using the flashiest advertising in the world. Do not be fooled by gimmicks. Choose a BBB-accredited business like Custom Window Company for your next home improvement project.

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