Why Low-E Argon Insulated Glass Windows are Some of the Most Energy Efficient Windows in Shreveport, LA

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These days, when it comes to maintaining your home to the highest degree of sustainability, many people’s immediate emphasis is on increasing their home’s energy efficiency, and rightfully so! An energy efficient home is a sustainable home, making any energy savings a priority for people looking to decrease both their utility costs and their carbon footprint.

One of the best ways to create sustainability through energy savings is to invest in energy efficient windows in Shreveport, LA—specifically Low-E Argon insulated windows. What makes these windows such a viable option and how are they any better than the windows you’re currently enjoying? Read on to learn more!

Low-E Argon insulation

Like many double or triple pane windows, Low-E Argon insulated models come sealed, with a protective gas layer in between each pane. This gas layer acts to halt transference that can occur when your home’s controlled temperatures meet the exterior uncontrolled temperatures of the outside, which generally occurs at the window.

Argon, being a noble gas on the Periodic Table of Elements, is a very non-reactive gas, meaning that it doesn’t react to this heat transference and, in fact, actually prevents transference from happening! Likewise, the heat from UV rays is also deflected when it reaches your windows, allowing only light waves into your home, while blocking those rays that would cause heat, sun fading or sun damage.

Is Low-E Argon right for me?

How do you tell if Low-E Argon energy efficient windows in Shreveport, LA are right for you? It all comes down to what you’re currently using for windows in your home. For example, a home with compromised double pane windows that are more than a decade old would benefit highly from a Low-E Argon replacement, simply because the energy efficiency of the existing windows is most likely compromised considerably!

But, for a homeowner seeking to outfit their entire home (or at least a decent portion of it) with new Low-E Argon windows, there’s a cost to consider. Like anything sitting at the top of the line, these windows aren’t cheap, which is why we’ve prepared a few tips for anyone seriously considering making the switch:

  • Replace rooms with high sun exposure before any others, as these rooms will benefit most from the boost in protection.
  • Replace windows in heavily trafficked areas first, as it provides the most noticeable results.
  • Consult with a window professional about quantity discounts if you’re making extensive retrofits to your home.

There’s a very good chance that Low-E Argon windows are more energy efficient than your current installations, however it’s up to you as a homeowner to consult with a window professional to see how they’ll truly benefit your home after making the switch.

If you’re thinking about turning over a new leaf of efficiency in your home and want to start with your windows, make your first call to Custom Window Company, where you’ll be met with expert advice, friendly service and the finest in Low-E Argon energy efficient windows in Shreveport, LA!

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