The True Value of Windows

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One of the easiest home improvement projects to put off is new home window installation in Shreveport, LA. While people jump at the opportunity to redo a kitchen, update a bathroom or put a new roof on a house, it seems like getting new windows is always put on the back burner.

People who know the value of new windows often wonder how this can be. Most likely, the answer is that for a lot of people, they don’t fully realize the true value of windows. It seems like an expensive investment—count all the windows in your house—seems pretty expensive, doesn’t it? Plus, you have all the removal and installation fees to worry about—all together people are probably deterred by assuming the whole project is going to cost an arm and a leg, with little added benefit as a result.

Unfortunately this view of getting new window installation in Shreveport, LA couldn’t be more wrong. That’s why explaining to the public the true value of windows is just so important: primarily because a lot of people, by putting it off as a home improvement project, are missing out on all the great benefits new windows can provide. Not only that, but many times when you ask someone to guess what the project will end up costing, they usually guess a figure that’s inflated. Read ahead to learn more about the true value of windows.

Discovering the value of windows

First of all, your initial assumptions about how much this home improvement project will cost you may be totally incorrect. There are a lot of factors involved, obviously starting with number of windows, the condition of the old windows and which type of new window you choose. The bottom line, however, is that removal and installation costs are not particularly expensive and probably take less time than you assume. Time equals money with this type of project, at least where labor is involved, and you might be surprised to know that many window replacement projects are done within a week.

Next, you should know that there are many types of windows out there, all with varying costs and efficiency ratings. Especially when you order in bulk, you will likely get a great deal on a very high efficiency window.

So, you buy your new windows, have them installed, and that’s the value of windows, right? Well think again, because cost has to be weighed against three important things. The first is savings on energy bills and HVAC replacement parts, since you will add longevity to heaters and air conditioners with new windows.

The second is longevity of the new windows; most likely you will never have to replace them again. And the third is increased home value. When you get new window installation in Shreveport, LA, you are just about guaranteed to increase the overall value of your house, and its ability to sell quickly, since new high efficiency windows are proven to both increase home value and decrease the amount of time it takes to sell a house.

Hopefully this summary of the true value of windows has helped to persuade you to take new windows off the back burner and to take it on as your next home improvement project.

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