A Few Custom Window Options That Can Add Luxury to Your Home

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Every homeowner is looking for different ways to make their home stand out amongst the crowd. For some, unique landscaping is enough to draw the eye of a passerby; for others, décor items, paint choices and accented architecture will add some personality to a run-of-the-mill home design. But, what most people commonly overlook when seeking ways to make their home stand out is the addition of custom windows in Shreveport, LA.

Think about it: what’s the one thing that’s breaking up the flat planes of your home, adding dimension to the face of your house? The answer, of course, is your windows! Having custom windows in place to personalize your home can draw a lot more attention than you might think. Here are a few different window ideas that may just make your home the talk of the neighborhood:

Bay windows: Bay windows are beautiful additions to many homes because they both add dimension and improve the aesthetic of a home’s face. Bay windows jut out from the flat surface of your home’s siding and can make your property look bigger, more sophisticated and overall more exciting. On the interior, bay windows provide a space for you to truly see the outdoors—whether you’re standing in front of your vast view or sitting in the niche carved out by a bay window.

Arched casement windows: These windows are flush with your siding, as most window options are, however they push open easily to give you outward exposure. Casement windows are known for adding versatility to a home by allowing for different shapes and designs—particularly arched casement windows. Having your traditionally rectangular windows rise into a scooping arch is a popular design for custom windows in Shreveport, LA because it opens up the inside of a home while projecting elegance outward.

Floor to ceiling windows: For a full view of the outside world and breathtaking exposure that will make you feel as though you’re living in a beautiful bubble, floor to ceiling windows are an amazing addition to many homes. Traditionally implemented at the back of the house, what these windows give up in privacy, they reward with openness. And, when you choose floor to ceiling windows, you’re taking the first step towards a full sunroom—a highly sophisticated addition that will add value to your home.

Skylights: Just like casement windows can open up a room, skylights serve to add depth to the space where they’re installed. Rather than feel confined by four walls and a ceiling, you can bask in the rays of light that shine down from a skylight to feel freer in the space where you live. From kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to bedrooms, a skylight is applicable in nearly any room of the home.

Adding custom windows in Shreveport, LA to your home has limitless possibilities for style, dimension, appeal and value. If you’re pondering your next home upgrade and want something that’s a bold departure from the traditional home upgrade, consider custom windows and all that they have to offer!

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