The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Windows in Shreveport, LA

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When it comes time for you to pick out new windows for your home you’ll be faced with a lot of information, not to mention a variety of choices that you’ll have to consider before you break out your checkbook. One of these considerations pertains to the type of material you want surrounding your windows: vinyl, aluminum, wood, etc. And while this might not seem like a big deal as long as it looks good, picking the right material for your home could make all the difference in how you come to enjoy your windows for years to come.

One such option that’s often hotly debated by homeowners is aluminum windows in Shreveport, LA versus other materials. Aluminum windows have a variety of pros and cons that need to be fully understood before an investment is made, which is why we’ve put together this convenient list for you if you’re thinking about new aluminum windows.


Let’s start with all of the great qualities that aluminum windows bring to your home. First and foremost, aluminum windows are very affordable as compared to other options. You don’t have to break the bank to get great windows that are seamless in both form and function, which is what initially attracts many prospective customers to this great material.

Aluminum windows in Shreveport, LA also boast astounding durability, making them a smart choice for those homeowners that are dedicated to sustainability. These windows can take a beating and still look great, even after years of use. They’re also exceptionally easy to repair, should they become damaged for some reason and virtually any window expert can make the necessary remediation to a damaged aluminum window without much time, effort or cost.


Now, with all of the great things to say about aluminum windows, there are still a couple of drawbacks that can concern picky homeowners. The glaring inefficiency of aluminum windows is that they’re… well… inefficient at times. Because aluminum is a poor conductor of temperature, it tends to allow for energy loss when you’re relying on HVAC systems to govern the controlled air in your home.

While this loss isn’t significant to your daily living, you may notice the temperature difference while standing near your window when the temperature outside is particularly hot or cold. This is enough to make some homeowners reconsider aluminum as a viable option.

Also in the “con” category: aluminum windows are subject to exacerbating exterior noises. What this means is that sounds are more easily transmitted through aluminum, as opposed to vinyl or wood. If a dump truck rumbles past your home loudly one day, you’ll hear it much more clearly if you have aluminum windows, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.


All in all, aluminum windows in Shreveport, LA give most homeowners a great bang for their buck. They’re inexpensive, offer exceptional resilience and can be easily maintained and serviced throughout the years—however they can also be mildly inefficient and allow external noise to penetrate your home. You be the judge: are aluminum windows right for your home?

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