Make Sure Your Storm Windows in Shreveport, LA are up to the Challenge of Summer Storms

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The onset of a Louisiana summer means summer storms are on the horizon! Thunderstorms, rain deluges and tropical storms make their yearly parade through the state during the hot summer months. And, when you live in an older home, you face the risk of windblown rain from these storms leaking through the windows and damaging your house.

Before you consider replacing your windows entirely, think about a more cost-efficient but equally effective option: installing storm windows. These windows can easily stand up to the water damage posed by summer storms and will not cost you nearly as much as putting in brand new windows.

Why choose storm windows?

Storm windows are tried and true. They function with what is called a “triple track”—essentially two glass sashes and one screen that slides up and down on separate tracks. The design allows the windows to protect against outside wind and rain and still lets you open the windows when you want to let in the sunshine. Storm windows in Shreveport, LA, are all you need to weather the summer rain without breaking the bank.

How to install them?

Installing these windows isn’t hard, but does require precise measuring and following a few simple steps. In order to install an aluminum exterior storm window over a double-hung window, you might first determine how you will mount your storm window to the main window. If the window as a “western” casing, the storm window will need to be attached to a recessed 5/8-inch blind stop, right inside the window opening. Windows with “eastern” casings don’t require a stop, as the storm window overlaps and attaches to the casing itself.

Next, you must measure the windows. Look inside the edges of the window casing at the top, middle and bottom of the window in order to find the horizontal distances. Determine the vertical distance from the sill to the bottom outside edge of the head casing.

Lastly, measure the window sash height. Be sure to check the top and bottom sash measures carefully; if the top sash is shorter than the bottom than you have oriel windows and you need to order your storm sashes to match those disparate measurements.

The storm window should be at least 1¼ inch wider than the opening’s maximum width for an eastern-style casing. The height should be around 5/8 inch (but no more than ½ inch) taller than the window opening. For western-style casing, the width and height of the storm window can measure up to ¼ inch less than the opening’s smallest measurements. A gap less than ¼ inch is acceptable—just be sure the storm windows’ fins do not hit the inside edges of the casing.

As long as you are careful when installing your storm windows in Shreveport, LA, there is no reason why you cannot do it yourself—but, if you’re lost even reading this guide, it’s best to call a professional company to help you pick out and install the right windows for your home! These storm windows will do wonders for protecting your home against the wind and rain of summer storm and will go on helping for seasons to come.

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