How Quality Double-Paned Windows in Shreveport, LA Can Make a Difference

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When building a new home or renovating an old one, one of the most important decisions you can make is the type of windows you’re going to put in. While you may hesitate to make the investment in single-paned windows over double-paned, you will thank yourself many times over for going with the latter once the long months of the summer season start.

Twice the protection

As their name suggests, double-paned windows offer twice the insulation of single-paned windows. And insulation isn’t only useful in colder climates. Single-paned windows allow heat as well as cold to creep in and settle in your walls, floorboards and ceilings, making your house an oven. The extra protection that double-paned windows provide keeps a significant amount of heat from entering your house, without sacrificing that natural light.

Double deal

Energy experts estimate that opting for double-paned windows in Shreveport, LA, can reduce your energy costs by as much as one-fifth of what they would be if you used older, single-paned windows. Just as single-paned windows don’t provide enough insulation to keep the cold out of your house in winter, they can’t stand up to much heat in the summer. Single-paned windows turn your home into a greenhouse even during the mild spring and fall seasons, making your air conditioner work much harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. But imagine cutting your energy bill by a fifth every month with the heat protection double-paned windows provide—many homeowners find they save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually!

Benefits inside and outside the home

When you choose double-paned windows for your home, you’re not only giving your wallet some relief from those sky-high energy bills, but also reducing your impact on the environment. The significant amount of energy it takes to run your air conditioner or heater translates into greenhouse gas emissions, which really add up over the year and contribute to the climate change that threatens our state’s coastline. So the reduction in energy usage that double-paned windows offer pays off in an exponential way when you look at the bigger picture.

No more noise pollution

Whether you live on a busy street or a in relatively quiet neighborhood, you’ll be shocked at how much insulation against the noisy world outside double-paned windows can provide. They cut out the sound of cars, construction, late night partiers and all those other distractions that keep you from sleeping soundly.

The benefits are endless when you go with Custom Window Company’s quality double-paned windows in Shreveport, LA. They offer a dramatic decrease in energy bills, make it much easier to maintain a temperature in your comfort range, add value to your home, promise much more durability than single-paned models and provide well deserved peace and quiet. And the environment will thank you for that drop in energy usage almost as much as your wallet.

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