Are Your Windows in Shreveport, LA Ready for Winter?

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The warm days of summer are almost over and just as you settle into fall, winter will be here before you know it. Part of every fall consists of chores to get ready for winter: preparing a winter wardrobe, getting that old furnace tuned up and other chores around the house to ensure you and the family can stay comfortable on the coldest winter nights.

Creating a fall checklist of chores is a great way to not forget any important details. It’s pretty easy to forget the little things, like checking over the gutters or investigating the quality of your tires, but in some cases, these can be the most important. If you’ve ever driven through a winter storm with bad tires, then you know exactly what is at stake.

One easy detail to look over is the quality of your windows in Shreveport, LA. After reading this, hopefully you’ll throw it on your fall chores checklist and reap all the great benefits of quality windows in winter.

Retaining quality in composition

Every year before winter, it’s a great idea to examine the quality of your windows. More is at stake in having great windows in Shreveport, LA than you might imagine. For starters, good quality windows lower your overall utility bills. If cold air can blow in and hot air escapes, this leads to inconsistent and uncomfortable temperature differences throughout the house.

Besides avoiding discomfort, your heating unit will have to run longer and more often in order to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature, which as you guessed, equates to drastically increase utility costs. Carefully look over any utility bill and you realize that the greatest portion tends to derive from heating, so if you were concerned enough over costs to use energy efficient light bulbs, then you definitely will want to check your windows!

Mitigating the cold

Besides for comfort and costs, increased usage of your heating puts extra strain on your HVAC system. By running extra to keep up, you are accidently decreasing the lifespan of your heating unit. If you’ve checked the price of a furnace lately, then you know getting every inch of life out of that system is crucial—who would of thought your windows could save this much money?

Also, if air is getting in and out that also means moisture is building up between the window frame and interior walls. Over time this can result in wood damage or even mold development: just another reason to check over those windows.

Take the time to investigate your windows in Shreveport, LA. Pay careful attention to cracks in panes, airflow around window frames, and whether the seals keep moisture out. If a professional hasn’t assessed them in a long time, consider calling a contractor to come test them. For a small price and nearly no time at all, you can have a professional’s opinion in determining the quality of your windows. With all that is at stake, it’s a small price to pay. Consider calling today for a professional window inspection!

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