Consider Storm Windows in Shreveport, LA as an Alternative to Window Replacement

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If you’re a homeowner, windows that don’t form a perfect seal between the inside of your home and the elements outside can be the bane of your existence. During the winter, the cold air from outside is able to enter your living space. During the summer, the cold air you’re using in an effort to cool down winds up escaping through the same leaky spaces. In both cases, you’ll find yourself running up your energy bills just trying to stay comfortable. Furthermore, there’s even the possibility that rain can enter the leaky areas during a storm, which can compromise the structural integrity of your home, promote mold growth and become an overall nuisance, often without your being aware of it until the damage has been done.

This is where storm windows in Shreveport, LA might come into the picture. The cost and labor of total window replacement can be prohibitive in some situations, but when your windows are leaking air and making life miserable in your own home, what’s the alternative? Fortunately, installing storm windows can serve as an effective compromise. But before deciding on storm windows or window replacement, there are some factors you should take into consideration:

What’s your budget? For homeowners who don’t have the funds to spend on new windows, storm windows are a much less expensive option. Look for higher quality windows to get the most out of your investment, and don’t be surprised if the least expensive storm windows turn out to be poorly made. While storm windows won’t be as energy-efficient as permanent windows, you should still notice a difference in your comfort level, as well as in your energy bill. Talk to an experienced window installer to learn more about what kinds of energy savings you can expect from different models.

How old are your existing windows? Windows should theoretically last for 25 or 30 years. If yours are getting to that point, it may make more sense to invest in a new set of energy-efficient and high-quality home windows. However, if you think it’s going to be a while before you truly need to replace your windows, or if it’s important to you to maintain the aesthetic appearance of your existing windows, outfitting your home with storm windows can be a smart and effective stopgap measure.

Should you do the job yourself, or hire a contractor? Any total window replacement should be completed by a trained and experienced professional. But storm window installation can either be an easy-enough job for those inclined toward the do-it-yourself approach, or a quick job that you trust a skilled contractor to complete. If you’re feeling any hesitancy about performing the installation yourself, you should absolutely call a professional.

If your home has become less comfortable over the years and you’ve lost the inability to control your indoor temperature due to leaky windows, storm windows in Shreveport, LA make a fantastic alternative to the time, labor and expense of new window installation. Contact Custom Window Company for more information about how storm windows can save you money.

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